Frigio All Stars Vol.4

Frigio All Stars Vol.4






1x Vinyl 12"



Release date

Sep 10, 2021

Frigio Records, chat noir, FRV037, EBM, new beat, industrial techno, Jack Carel, Sons of traders, Rambal Cochet, Daniel Holt, Neuf Photo, vinyl records

Summer 2021 sees the fourth in the Frigio Allstars series hitting all respectable shelves.

Jack Carel opens the 12” with the acid burning grunge of “Fuck This Shit” followed by Sons of Traders with the chugging 4/4 nastiness of “A for All.” A trippy, dark industrial streak runs in the snares and swagger of Rambal Cochet’s “Doomsday Scenario Interface” and in the powerful introspection of Daniel Holt’s “The Recluse.” Neud Photo arrives on Frigio with a menacing debut, “The Split” which pierces a haze of smoke in this late-night floor-filler. Honored Matres who appeared on the first volume of these series, returns with the blackest of the compilation. Machine gun percussion close the 12” with Chris Mitchell offering the chopped and gnawed “Alsina.

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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Jack Carel – Fuck This Shit


Sons Of Traders – A For All


Rambal Cochet – Doomsday Scenario Interface


Daniel Holt – The Recluse


Neuf Photo – Split


Honored Matres – What They’re Telling ya


Chris Mitchell - Alsina

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