Lost Flavas Vol. 1

Lost Flavas Vol. 1






1x Vinyl 12"

Release date

Sep 24, 2021

Bubblin Fresh KMA60 Chat Noir Viny UKG

New label Bubblin Fresh kicks up with 4 slinky summer bubblers unreleased from 2001.

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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One Eye







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Nicolas Estany is known for his silken synth productions and lurid live shows under his moniker Visonia. Born in the shadows, this mini-album presents a new sound by the Chilean.Bruised beats, crushed compositions and lacerated lyrics are the new terrain explored, percussion melting with voice in the morphing “The Brain Plays With Me” and shapeshifting “Don’t Trust In The First Whispers". Drums are bolstered across the sextet, rain and rust clinging to brutalised “Who Will Enter First” before rage and warmth melt in “Aphasia.” Yet, in spite of these darker machinations, that unmistakable balance of Visonia is present; it dawns in the title piece with its woebegone words, before resurfacing in the furtive liquid electronics of “Melted Doubts.”
Arpege Records come back on the turntable for their fourth release with the great german ATREE who was already there on their first various. But for this time, they selected three clubby / housy tracks + a bassy remix from the producer ROB AMBOULE.
Paul Wise aka Placid is the driving force behind ‘We’re Going Deep’ – a thriving online community and record label that’s showing no signs of slowing down as we pop, dip and spin into the spring season. As a label owner, Paul’s mission couldn’t be clearer - releasing new music for heads of all persuasions. Fresh cuts aimed squarely at the dance floor, your front room or even just the headphones. Rather than staying too hung up on the past, he continues to focus on serving up the best in new Acid, Electro, Techno, Deep House alongside scintillating slices of Downtempo music. Sticking to the trusted format of 4 superlative cuts from equally talented producers, the quality and talent on show does not disappoint on WGD 007. Starting the dance with 303 maestro and label legend Tin Man, A1 “I Said Acid” is a tantalising twist on the classic combination of a Roland TR-707 and SH-101. As a metronomic pulsating kick carves out a squarely hewn path, slow opening filtered lead and hauntingly repetitive “Acid” vocals exert maximal pressure to create a sheer moment of joy. Balanced out by the dreamy atmospherics of A2 “I’ll Meet You On The Dancefloor”. UK Deep House supremo Rai Scott exerts her perfected knowhow: blending organically tinged percussion with profound melodic touches that meander across the borderlines of your consciousness.On B1 “Necessary Order”, the machine mastery of Sound Synthesis collides in perfect harmony as Keith Farrugia demonstrates his deft turns of the dials that are becoming more in demand. A sprinkle of stargazing soul is woven around light touch acidic tweaks and snappy drums, echoing the twinkling embers of the cosmos. Not to be outdone, Dutch born German bred producer Roger Van Lunteren takes control with the final slice on B2 “Le Dee Trois Trio Prends Trois”. A wince inducing, sawtooth heavy jam that should not be taken lightly. As the saying goes, this one’s only for headstrong.
Eighth release from Rezpektiva and the prelude to a forthcoming 2×12″ Opik LP from ’94 – featuring select cuts from the past that have made an impression on us over the years, released with the maximum respect.Rezpekt to Opik !

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