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Sep 23, 2022

REZ12TWELVE, Various Artists, KMA60 Rezpektiva, REZ12Twelve, House, Electro, Deep, Vinyl Records, Chat Noir distribution, Chat Noir store,

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Sep 23, 2022

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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The Soundlords - Off The Wall (The Soft Mix)


The Inspiring Sound Sauce - Pulse 48


SubCulture - TV Heaven (The Soundlords Remix 2)


The Inspiring Sound Sauce - The Sugar Frogman

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Evan Baggs provides the 5th Faith Beat. Analog, mechanical grooves from the mind of a singular space traveller. New York’s DJ Qu contributes a swinging, rhythm focused version of the title track – his first remix in over 10 years.
RED is a project by Francis Latreille aka Priori. It showcases a darker, more chaotic, and rugged sound. Whereas a lot of Piori's work investigates the delicate and elegant aspects of nature and technology, this album delves into the eeriness of it all, the loneliness of rural living, and the appeal of mysticism. Strange sounds and textures are arranged in unpredictable but sometimes surprisingly dancey moments.
The Tears of Joy label boss returns with an encompassing tribute to the power of the dancefloor. As a member of Pacific Horizons and under a host of other aliases, the Los Angeles-based producer has explored the breadth of dance music - from Mancuso-inspired loft house to bassbin rumblers that nod to his familial relationship with the U.K. - but his most personal statements have been reserved for the Live For Each Moon moniker.As a result of this, and also by nature of its journey/trip sequencing, 'A Vision of Dance' reaches for a comprehensive sound, honed over decades of observation and participation. The producer's varied interests shine through, and they are pushed beyond genre experiment into new, hybridized shapes - sinewy, searching, warehouse techno shares space with crunchy, heaving breakbeat cut-ups and churning, slow motion chugs. While the overall pace leans toward the trancelike whirlwind, a few atmospheric, introspective interludes are cut in as kind of existential breathers - nods to LFEM's back catalog of haunted ambience as much as ravers' respites.
After a long break of around seven years, Drivecom the Spanish label based on advanced electro conducted by Boris Divider is back again to the scene delivering a minimal concept (as stated on its first roots) but with avantgarde elements to keep a vibe on the contemporary edge. This is the first episode of a new project under the name of “Generative Operations”. A project born from a new vision and workflow at the B. Divider’s studio.From the technical side, the use of massive modular synthesis and generative sequencing make the tracks to be different each time are being played, so here you have a unique recording of a certain moment as if it was and imprint of an instant. Also the minimalistic percussion tries to be slowly developed in an electro rhythm structure. In the other hand all the tracks have a cinematic vibe, it seems as they were composed thinking about to fit in any hi-tec sci-fi thriller movie. Granular sythesis pads, background noises, experimental compression routines help to fullfill the vision. At the moment of this info three volumes are being planned to be released in this year 2020.
Berlin based Spin Desire is returning with its second outing. Welcoming the debut release of Ukrainian based producer / live act from Odessa : victor.b.Victor has been making waves with his live sets for the last 2 years and this is his first full length release. We are more than happy to have him on board with this amazing record. Four trance infused tracks designed straight for the dance floor and cut directly from his live set!

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