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Jul 30, 2022

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Off The Grid christens its record label with a first release composed by very close people to the heart of its functioning. On the A1 we find a melancholic optimist house cut, made in collaboration by Ancut, head-mastering engineer from Analogcut, and Onirik, OTG’s head honcho. A2 features Onirik’s solo offering, a trippy dreamy off kilter cut, ideal for warm-up or early hours. The B-side belongs to Views, already responsible for a couple of releases on Garage Hermétique, one of the founding labels of Off The Grid, who wraps up two tracks full of atmospherical punchiness, clubby IDM, with his signature acid basslines and storytelling.

Available in 19 days

Sep 23, 2022

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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Ancut & Onirik - Mystified


Onirik - Konzentrat


Views - Reyv


Views - Running Teeth

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Next on the agenda for the Orbital London label is a tasty four tracker from label boss man, Jack Michael and bass specialist, Inner Zone. The Drenched Volume EP is made up of one original and one remix from the accomplished producers, ravey breaks and garage energy with a modern day punch.Jack’s “Volume” track boots off the EP in true Orbital style, distinctive broken drums, a warm winding bassline and trippy pads and synths all working together to make this a d floor destroyer in the coming months. Inner Zone’s “Volume” remix follows on the A side, pitched up and high energy from the get go and maintains a raw and in your face liveliness throughout.On the flip Inner Zone lays down their original “Rainforest Sound” aptly named from the killer vocal sample they’ve used throughout. This one is cut directly for the moodier occasions bringing a deep and mysterious flavour to the dance floor. Rounding off the EP is Jack’s remix of “Rainforest Sound”, another enormous sound from the English talent, rough and ready with choppy drum work.Orbital continuing to propel their UK sound loud and proud with this one!
The heat is rising with our 5th instalment coming from the volt of Meister Bert Ashra veteran from Berlin's 90s underground scene and active still in the city with his Mastering & Sound Design Studio and experimental audio production and studies.The solo project B. Ashra has existed since 1993. B. Ashra is a live act, DJ, composer, sound designer and mastering engineer. The style is pretty cross-genre and ranges from ambient, experimental, soundscapes and trance techno to deep house and electronic jazz.For his pure techno and house productions he uses the pseudonym Robert Templa and for the extremely experimental music, trash and gabba he calls himself Hackbert.Furthermore, B. Ashra is active in several music projects and bands, including: Psychotikum, Cosmic Octave Orchestra, 70db, Morphon and Brain Entertainment Laboratory.The collection is a double LP With a variety of sounds spacing between Ambient and Minimal - Techno vibes with deep bass-lines and layered melodic progressions written with special care to the evolution of the harmonies such to maintain those hypnotic feeling until the structure comes back together and releases a powerful groove.A rich Album and a landmark in the growing of the label.
Old friends John Cravache and I:Cube teamed up to release Chimère Fm’s debut album on Versatile records.Endless improvised studio sessions seamlessly blending electronic synthesis and post dada cinematics.Dreamy synth funk rubs against pagan rhythms and minimalist electronic drones.This album will take you to soundwave paradise.Chimère Fm is an imaginary radio station broadcasting its stellar weirdness livefrom Paris !
On ”Loos EP”, Stockholm-based producer and DJ Ari Bald returns to Västkransen Records with three original tracks aimed for the dance floor. The record’s self-titled main track is a peaktime tune whose stabbing chords, flowing pads and hypnotizing bassline testify to Ari’s love for Kerri Chandler. On the B-side, the dreamy ”Fluff” explores the boundaries between modern Nordic disco and classic house. The record closes with ”Peachy Streets”, an 80s-leaning house track co-produced with DJ Hasse from Bike Thieves. If ”Loos EP” doesn’t get your party started, we’re not sure of what will.
In this first release, four seafarers coming from across France set off for a unique music journey. Grotz with his deep tech-house and up-beat touch. Ionescu with his groovy minimal combining a jazzy flow with rhythmic breaks.Sunaas and his 90’s references with a mellow and acid punch.Sekance with his trance and electro beaming vibes.It is a melting pot of styles and sounds representing the label's core: a unique quest for sounds that the artists chose to share in every release. Through this first eclectic EP, the crew of 3 MÂTS invite us for a sea sprayed journey right in the heart of emerging house music. Anchors aweigh!!
A Delicate degustation for the finer palette, Taste the Bass is the latest seasonal sound delicacy via your favourite dysfunktional deep throb duo Ambien Baby. Stepping up their songwriting skillz and staying true to their heady primal sophistication, Nap & D.Tiff indulge in vocal explorations laced throughout 4 tracks, cries of couplet writing and hints of daring duets lingering on the lips. The hypnotic electroclashed EBM is served with superior rhythmic complexity and sonic depth, as per usual, niche on the streets ~ screech in the sheets.A heartfelt ode to the synthesizer that first bound them together, passion, rage & a reminder to never-ever forget to groove; all four songs come prepped rave ready, mise en plus! Clean, mean inspired techno leaning freakouts that nail that midrange tempo, filled to the brim with that special ingredient no pretenders can purchase. A raw audio feast fit for the gods… although it took God 7 days to create the earth and Ambien Baby created this in 4.

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