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Quatre à la suite EP

Quatre à la suite EP






1x Vinyl 12" EP



Release date

Mar 22, 2019



Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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For their 4th release, Virage's label heads ALVA gathered artists from different places - Japan, Germany, France - but with the same passion for deep grooves. Cosmonection opens the record with a deep analog ballad featuring César, one of the owners of Sodasound studios. The ALVA boys carry on with 'Back in the Studio', a home jam recording with warm chords on a funky gliding bassline and groovy drum patterns. Flip the record once and you'll find 'Typical Notion' from Peer Du, an ethereal track filled with vaporous pads, tight drums and a bubbly bassline. Tominori Hosoya closes the record with 'Children's world', a deep jazzy track with floating riffs and organic percussions structured around a cosmic chord progression reminiscent of Larry Heard's atmospheres.


Cosmonection - Motorway


Alva - Back In The Studio


Peer Du - Typical Notion


Tominori Hosoya - Children's World

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