75006 EP

75006 EP
75006 EP75006 EP






1x Vinyl 12"



Release date

Sep 9, 2022

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The 4th release is about the 6th district of Paris, and we're really glad to have on the first side, two brothers of the team, Max Cohle and Quatri aka Konalgad for his personal first release on vinyl.
Max Cohle's track is founded on two different grooves, dubby and acid, that matches perfectly together.
Quatri's one is an acid minimal track with a lot of energy and a progression that will blow your mind.
On the other hand, we're really proud to have one of our favorite artists and a really good friend, Mister Beneath Usual, that has an impressive carrier with this patronym but that we'd also always loved for his worldwide known trance projects. His track is a groovy minimal one in reference to the concrete music originally thought by Pierre Schaeffer.
After him is Olivier Romero, an underground Dj of the parisian scene that had been here for many years, and that's known by so many in the game. 'Odé on Ice' has a great melody that stays in mind for several days and fits magically the groove of the rythmics.
Finally we welcome the young Leo Leyzerowitz with his wonderful and powerful track 'Saint Suplice' that continually grows with the groove.
We hope you'll enjoy it :)

LMR004, Paris 2022.
Mastering by SFX Masterng.

Available in 5 days

Sep 9, 2022

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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Max Cohle – Simple Acid


Quatri – Lune de Buci


Beneath Usual – Imagin’R


Olivier Romero – Odé On Ice


Leo Leyzerowitz – Saint Suplice

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