Connections EP
Connections EPConnections EP




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This time round it’s a 3 track VA from Serbian artists Marko Nastic and Bosko Balos, plus another Banger from the UK producer Len Lewis.

‘Music Is the Highway of Shared Experiences’

A1 The Void, Len Lewis: “This track is a sinistertechhouse representation of when I died and went down to ‘the void’ in 2017. Then clawed my way back up through the earth to now!”

B1 Thinking, Marco Nastic feat. Ryan James Owens: “One playful jam session in my studio resulted in this house/techno oriented track with Ryan’s vocal on top”.

B2 Bag Me Up, Bosko Balos: “Starting 2022 I lost all of my projects from the last two years. Among a handful of wavs was Bag Me Up which marked a change in my sound. A combination of electro-break and old techno / house style”.

Media: Mi
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Len Lewis – The Void


Marko Nastic feat. Ryan Jay Owens - Thinking


Bosko Balos – Bag Me Up

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